Standard product for industriale applications and alternative energies


» Dimensions greatly reduced compared with similar items on the market.
» Limited leakage flux against similar elements in air or iron core.
» Accuracy in the core construction to limit noise.
» Conductors used: flat or squared copper and/or aluminum up on request to minimize the additional losses, especially with currents with high harmonic content.
» Class H insulation materials with temperatures in class F.
» Cores made with low losses iron steel.
» Polyester glass spacers.
» Protection with polyester or epoxy resin, without solvent.
» The impregnation and mechanical engineering are considered to limit the final noise.
» In dry condition without dust.
» Max ambient temperature 40 ° C.
» Height above sea level <= 1000 m. » Cooling by natural convection. » The use in closed cabinets requires approx. 2-2.5 m3 / min per kW of total losses.


» Temperature sensor, thermal switch, sliding wheels, protective box.